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Webinar: "The 5 Key Ingredients of Effective Leadership for your Business"

Originally broadcast in 2015

Webinar: "Convention of Business Owners in Brno, Czech Republic"

Original broadcast date: October 8, 2016

Webinar: "Dynamic Speaking"

Originally broadcast in 2015

Rave Responses from Recent Workshops…

“I love the way he commands a room. Joe is so impactful he can honestly say 'do as I say and as I do'.”

— J.P.

“Your talk today was so insightful and educational. I especially loved the end when you said it’s all about the audience walking with you, feeling what you feel, tasting what you taste, hearing what you hear, etc…  It’s all about making them feel something different! Brilliant! Thanks Joe."

—Steve Borek, Certified Consultant & Trainer

Rave Responses from Recent Webinar…

“Thanks for putting that webinar event together. I think the points were spot on. We always put too much on the ppt screens, and my “teachers” forget the basic premise of giving a speech, as Joe said, there always has to be clear purpose and desired outcome. So that was great to hear again, especially with the examples.

By the way, I downloaded and read the ebook, so I might be mixing it up with the webinar. I like what you’ve got to say and share. It is very helpful for us. We are taking on a new project and it will require us to do many presentations, so the more professional and the more effective, the better for all concerned. Thanks again! Great job!



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