Videos with Joe Yazbeck:

Interviews, presentations and workshop excerpts

Public Speaking is a skill you MUST learn and master to accomplish your goals

Learn how to be brilliant at public speaking with any audience in any situation

Yes, it's possible to overcome your fears and become a comfortable, dynamic speaker. Executives, business owners, entertainers and those in political/public service positions MUST have an ability to get their viewpoints across to others. Have you ever been impressed with a speaker who had "the crowd in his hands"? You can attain that level of confident ability with Joe Yazbeck's coaching and training materials.

Communicate confidently, lead effectively! Joe Yazbeck talks about how he helps to build respected leaders and powerful communicators with his unique coaching style.

TEDx Tampa River Walk - Joe Yazbeck on Leadership Communications, Speakers impact on leadership
Learning how to stand up, speak up and make yourself heard

An up-close look inside one of Joe Yazbeck's workshops

How to overcome fear of public speaking book

Joe Yazbeck empowers Kiev, Ukraine with the power of public speaking skills

Joe Yazbeck’s informal conversation on the vital necessity of PR

Testimonials from Joe's public speaking clients

Public Speaking Client — Russell Laggan, real estate specialist

Public Speaking Client — Attorney Jason Goitia

Public Speaking Client — Attorney R. Shawn McBride

Webcast with Joe Yazbeck and Shawn McBride (connects to an offsite link)

Joe Yazbeck in Hungary

In one week Joe delivered lectures to six hundred Hungarians to standing ovations every time.

Leadership Workshop with Tamas Kasza and Joe Yazbeck

More Joe Yazbeck videos from Hungary


Joe Yazbeck in Russia

Joe Yazbeck featured on Russian TV show

Joe Yazbeck at his 2016 Russian speaking tour

Joe Yazbeck as guest on 1 hour interview on Russian TV at his 2016 Russian speaking tour

With Russian voice over, Joe Yazbeck talks about the 12 steps to a leader’s speech preparation

Joe Yazbeck Interviewed by Russian PR event organizer Kristina Schastnaya


Joe Yazbeck in Slovakia

Joe Yazbeck documentary in Kiev (Slovak subtitles)

Joe Yazbeck’s Slovak book release at major seminar in Bratislava


Joe Yazbeck in Germany

Joe Yazbeck delivers knockout seminars in Frankfurt, Germany


Joe Yazbeck in Mexico City

Joe Yazbeck presenting in Mexico City


Joe Yazbeck in Ukraine

5 min documentary (Russian subtitles) on Joe Yazbeck’s successful events in Kiev, Ukraine


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