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One on One Professional VIP Coaching

Private coaching with Joe Yazbeck to develop your leadership communication skills, build confidence in any scenario you speak or present in. You will learn to raise the respect and recognition from others, while building your reputation. Joe will also coach you to shine dynamically on camera and acquire essential skills to effectively present on webinars, podcasts and radio and TV.  These coaching segments will enable you to increase your ability to acquire more clients for your company, increase your revenue and expand your organization. Joe coaches live or through Skype or other video conferencing tools online.

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Corporate Training Programs

Joe Yazbeck delivers a variety of training programs for your company’s professional development needs. From executive leadership training to speaker skills training to sales and branding to public relations musts, Joe will inform, educate, empower, motivate, influence and inspire your group to increase performance standards, improve their skills in communications and service and increase their potential for greater success.

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Hiring Joe for Keynotes, Special Workshops and Speaking Engagements

Joe Yazbeck’s lively, entertaining and interactive workshops train you or your group to become dynamic and confident individuals capable of influencing and inspiring others to take action, increase interest to buy and motivate your audience to get totally involved with your ideas, product or service. Joe has trained thousands- including business and government leaders, top executives, technology companies, political candidates, attorneys, educators, financial professionals, Health Care providers, media personnel and many more industries.

For over 30 years and delivering well over 3500 events , Joe’s speaking engagements will build your skill, increase motivation to succeed and you will leave with powerful tools you can use right away that make a significant difference in your company, career and income.

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Sales Presentation Training

Create more qualified prospects and close more clients with ease after completing the No Fear Speaking sales presentation training program. This program includes key segments from the best -selling book and online video course including drills and exercises that increase efficiency in how to qualify, present and close attendees of any size audience as you earn how to motivate them to reach and buy your product or service. You will learn how to convert more and more attendees to become clients than ever before.

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Radio or TV Show Guest Training

Have an upcoming radio or TV show appearance? Have you been declining appearances because you doubt your ability to make a positive impression? This training will give you the comfort and confidence to not only make a positive impression but will give you the self-assurance to make an impact and drive your message home on the air. The training includes mock sessions on the air in our training room, handling any questions, tough or not, with ease and connecting with your host and audience so well that you will create follow-up interest in your call to action at the end and after.

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On-Camera Coaching

Gain the skill to confidently deliver a company or product commercial or any type of video presentation on camera successfully. You will learn how to create a presentation on camera for commercials, promotional ads, training others, social media promotion and perhaps create video training segments or courses. You will learn how to maintain a comfortable, confident and natural approach on camera as you increase your ability to attract people on camera and connect to anyone you speak with while addressing them on camera.

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Presentation Training to Obtain Funding

Attract Investors and funding opportunities for your organization as you learn how to successfully use the steps of presentation training that builds trust and confidence from potential donors and investors. You will learn proven skills to apply passion and purpose to draw in quality people that want to help your cause and thus invest or donate to your organization or get involved from a recruiting aspect.

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