Rave reviews on Joe Yazbeck's book No Fear Speaking

Joe's number one bestselling Book has been receiving high praise since its English publication in 2014.  Since that time it's been translated into Russian, Slovak, Hungarian, German, Spanish, Chinese and Czech. "No Fear Speaking" continues to be the go-to reference book for a new generation of public speakers, media personalities, executives and public servants.

Top podcaster and CEO of Command Your Brand Jeremy Ryan Slate talks about his experience working with Joe Yazbeck.

Kim Iskyan , International Editor at Stansberry Research about Joe Yazbeck.

<em>Cynthia Benavides, Mexico's Minister of Education, and the new Spanish version of "No Fear Speaking."</em>
Cynthia Benavides, Mexico's Minister of Education, and the new Spanish version of "No Fear Speaking."
<em>David J. Scott, retired
US Airforce Major General</em>
David J. Scott, retired US Airforce Major General
<em>Jay Fechtel, Founder of <br>Fechtel Construction Corp.</em>
Jay Fechtel, Founder of
Fechtel Construction Corp.
<em>Gary Isobaker, distinguished Technologist, CTO, Hewlett Packard</em>
Gary Isobaker, distinguished Technologist, CTO, Hewlett Packard

"I read 'No Fear Speaking' on a flight to California to deliver a sales training boot camp. Your book drastically changed my delivery style and I got rave reviews from my clients on the workshop. Thank you for making it simple to implement perfect steps to make my lectures better than ever."

MICHAEL BOYD, Sales Coach and Lecturer

“Forty years ago I received a book titled Tongue and Quill in the processing line of the US Air Force Academy. We were told anything we needed to know about effective communication was between its covers. It remains the definitive reference for USAF officers today. Loaded with wit, humor, and insight, No Fear Speaking challenges T&Q as the ultimate guide for speakers struggling to master the art of reaching an audience.”

David J. Scott, Retired Major General, USAF

“I love this book! No Fear Speaking brings out your best and inspires you to challenge your own speaking abilities. Joe Yazbeck will help you enhance your image as an expert in your field. This book is a must-read for any professional speaker—from beginners who suffer from stage fright to seasoned professionals who would like to fine-tune their techniques.”

Bobbi Janson, Speaker, Author, 21 Steps for Success in the New Music Biz

“If you are looking to become a great public speaker, read this book NOW. It contains the secrets of those who have naturally mastered the art of public speaking. Joe’s thirty-year-plus experience in coaching all types of businesspeople, executives and artists, is entirely reflected in this amazing compilation. It takes away the fears and the considerations you might have while thinking about that speech you will need to produce and deliver to sell an idea, to solicit funds, or to plead for a good cause. Having trained over 100,000 business owners and executives in more than thirty countries in the last twenty-five years, I did not realize I could still improve my speaking talent. That is, until I read this book. There is no theory here—just applicable, down-to-earth tips and techniques that guarantee to make you a professional speaker!”

Patrick Valtin, Author, No Fail Hiring; CEO, New Era Management International

“In No Fear Speaking, Joe Yazbeck hits a home run. He presents a convincing and easy-to-follow process that, if adhered to, will result in a successful and enjoyable public speaking career.”

Lou Ramos, Colonel, USAF (Ret.) Communications Commander, Desert Storm

“I hired Joe Yazbeck when I realized that what I was doing for my business wasn’t working. I knew that I needed to function differently, but I didn’t know how. Joe has been instrumental in my growing confidence levels not only as a business owner, but also as a professional speaker. Joe’s style is such that he will not shirk away from asking the tough questions – I’ve found them sometimes hard to hear, but they ALWAYS result in a significant breakthrough for me. As a testament to his method, my revenue has doubled since I started working with Joe. I am thankful every day that I made the decision to hire Joe as my business and speaking coach.”

Your partner in growth,
Jennifer Currence
HR Advisor | Corporate Trainer | Success Coach
Tampa Bay HR Consultant of the Year 2017

“Words fail me . . . I’m speechless . . . Couldn’t put it down . . .A must, fun read.”

Mike Marget, President, CEO, 4 L Law Cloud Services;
Former CFO, Holland & Knight Law Firm

“Joe Yazbeck’s book No Fear Speaking is essential for anyone who wants to deliver effective speeches. It is a road map to success. Yazbeck’s experience as a master speaker comes through with his multiple lists of what to do and what not to do, and his constant reminders of preparation and practice are the hallmarks of great speech making. Follow his formula and you will present great speeches!”

Bill Lenahan, CEO, OffSite Vision Holdings, Inc

“No Fear Speaking is a must-read for individuals and organizations. This book is indeed a complete confidence-builder. Joe Yazbeck’s unique system will impact your ability to get your message delivered in the most professional and inspirational manner. Wisdom is the principal ingredient here!”

Melvin A. Myer, President, CEO, Myer Financial Group

“As an attorney with fifteen years of courtroom trial experience, I wish I could have read No Fear Speaking when I started my career. Yazbeck’s book is an excellent resource for continued learning and improvement, providing sound practical advice while inspiring the reader. On the practical advice side, the book’s lessons, checklists, and tips apply not only to speeches but to everyday interactions, from networking functions to boardroom meetings. How we speak and present ourselves influences how others will think of us and do business with us. On the inspiration side, the examples provided throughout the book and the call to action and compilation of quotes at the end are very motivational. I am excited that my new audiences will benefit from me having read this book and working through these exercises! Just as Mr. Yazbeck inspired me through his book, I am now more able to inspire future audiences.”

Kerry Raleigh, Attorney

Mel Myer, Founder/President
of Myer Financial
Mel Myer, Founder/President of Myer Financial
Abdul Lateef, CEO of Plasma Therm
Abdul Lateef, CEO of Plasma Therm
Sven Boermeester, International Publisher, Global Village Inc.
Sven Boermeester, International Publisher, Global Village Inc.
Dr. Juan Villareal, DDS
Author and Speaker
Dr. Juan Villareal, DDS Author and Speaker

“In No Fear Speaking, Yazbeck’s easy-to-comprehend approach is both thorough yet laid-back. He offers tips that truly benefit us rather than batter us round the head to drill the message home. His tips are pure gold. I’m a great believer in people who talk the talk having walked the walk. If you’re speaking to staff or to companies, motivating teams, or presenting to your peers, being able to stand up there, get noticed, and influence people will benefit you enormously. Yazbeck is the real deal: he is a great speaker on and offstage—and now he is showing you how to be one!”

Tony Michaelides, former record promoter and publicist for U2, David Bowie, Whitney Houston, Peter Gabriel, Bob Marley, Genesis, The Police, Annie Lennox

“The timid wallflower becomes the mouse that roars under Joe Yazbeck’s experienced, guiding tutelage. The author’s chapters embrace with clarity not only speech delivery, but also the vital off-air, off-stage preparations necessary for success at the podium. He concludes each with practical exercises that begin the reader’s journey toward “no fear” speaking ability without delay. But that’s only Part I. In Parts II and III, Yazbeck teaches how to ‘perform’ the scientific art of public speaking well beyond the level of scripted, monotonous presentations; to achieve the power to influence and inspire audiences with aplomb.”

Ronald Joseph Kule, Author, Listen More Sell More and Chef Tell, The Biography of America’s Pioneer TV Showman Chef

“A masterful book! Joe Yazbeck’s No Fear Speaking has opened up the playing field for all of us to stand up and express our hearts and art and ideas. Truthfully, public speaking used to raise my anxiety level, on a scale from 1 to 10, to about a 42. Joe skillfully takes the mystery and the fear out of the process. So much so that public speaking is now joyful and fun.”

Susan Pomeranz, PhD, author of "Open Your Heart and Say Ahhh"

“Joe Yazbeck is a force to be reckoned with, and that intensity comes through in No Fear Speaking. This very well organized book is a complete checklist for everything a person would need in order to become a ‘No-Fear Speaker,’ including instructions and drills for how anyone can successfully overcome their stage-fright. Despite being a celebrated author myself, I have had my share of hesitancy when it comes to public speaking. Reading this book has taught me the essential elements of No Fear Speaking and has given me a step-by-step blueprint of instructions for building those elements into a highly effective speaking experience. Whatever your speaking issues are, No Fear Speaking will help you develop the skills and confidence you need to be a successful public speaker, and will clear your path to becoming a master at it.”

Harry Frisch, Author of HOW TO SELL—Clear and Simple

“No Fear Speaking is a rare work on public speaking that is both readable and immediately useful. Yazbeck guides the reader, step by step, through the mechanics and dynamics of public speaking with clear, lean descriptions that not only convey the methodology but also the underlying logic with great insight. As someone who has worked in the high technology industry for over thirty years, this book taught me that public speaking and technical presentation is not an ancillary activity but a major essential to one’s success.”

Gary Iosbaker, Distinguished Technologist, CTO Telecom-Americas, Hewlett-Packard

“Loved it! Smart, insightful, and totally useable, Joe Yazbeck’s No Fear Speaking has all the ingredients for the beginner or experienced professional and everyone in between. No Fear Speaking will improve your potential to build your career and create lasting growth and income. Having experienced Yazbeck’s very high-spirited and fun presentations, I can say that his personality really comes through in this informative and entertaining look at the important art of public speaking. As a professional who’s spoken at more than 1,400 contracted events, I realized there were several areas that I could improve on. I came away feeling refreshed and ready to take my profession to the next level. This book is a MUST for your collection.”

Rick Rainbolt, Brand Expert, Speaker, Author, Better Health Advocate

“Joe Yazbeck knows how to change ordinary speakers into dynamic speakers. In No Fear Speaking, he has shown how to help others reap the benefits of excellent communication skills in business and life.”

Neil Brickfield, Pinellas County Commissioner, Government Consultant

“Joe Yazbeck is an expert educator. I have personally witnessed him transforming students, frozen with fear, into competent speakers in just a few short classes. I am one of those students. His book, No Fear Speaking, is full of easy-to-understand wisdom. Read it, practice it, and then stand up and tell your own story!”

Mark Lauter, CEO, Sumo Software Corporation

“Joe Yazbeck’s No Fear Speaking is a call to action, a compelling call to own the space, the message, and, ultimately, the audience.”

Chris Paradies, Attorney, Paradies Law Group

<em>Dr. Petchi Tomovic, noted cosmetic dentist from Germany</em>
Dr. Petchi Tomovic, noted cosmetic dentist from Germany
With Client Celine Pastore, radio personality
With Client Celine Pastore, radio personality
<em>Attorney R. Shawn McBride,
speaker and bestselling author</em>
Attorney R. Shawn McBride, speaker and bestselling author
<em>Sam Ivy, owner of Sam Ivy
Canine Consultants</em>
Sam Ivy, owner of Sam Ivy Canine Consultants

“Joe Yazbeck has written a wonderful book about the art and science of successful speaking and presentations. He gives us an easy formula and structure for measuring and evaluating successful speaking. This book is required reading for anyone who has to do public speaking. Public speaking is not a natural act, and thus the fear associated with it. No Fear Speaking reduces the fear by breaking down the event into observable and measurable activities which collectively make for confident, comfortable, no fear speaking. Thank you, Joe, for such a wonderful and timely book. You saved my life.”

Bruce Elliott, International Consultant, Franchisor, Entrepreneur

In No Fear Speaking, Joe inspired me to work the presentation process backwards. I have always been a ‘wing ’ kind of guy—light the audience and then see what happens. But now I realize through this book that knowing the outcome, purpose, and audience first helps me decide what I want to have happen at the end and then light the audience in that direction. He has made it simpler and easier to effectively speak to and influence any group.”

Wayne Moritz, CEO, RainMaker – RainSaver Corp / Warp7Software LLC

“I’ve been reading self help books on sales and public speaking for over 40 years. I’ve been personally involved in these areas for even longer. I’ve presented to a single audience with as many as 5,000 people and mentored dozens. I’ve never seen a better plan for speaking effectively. Joe has a practical approach, logically organized, well articulated with sequentially organized tasks and checklists that are so simply explained that virtually anyone can do it. No Psycho-babble, no Mumbo-jumbo, no vague generalities. Straightforward and clear, inspiring and motivational and results oriented. A MUST read for anyone involved in speaking EFFECTIVELY.”

Marshall Kornblatt, Exec. VP of The Guardian Insurance Group

“I was very fortunate to be given a copy of Joe Yazbeck’s No Fear Speaking. I have been a guest on hundreds of radio shows and dozens of television shows, and have spoken countless times to groups as large as 3,000 people. Having no fear of speaking, I wondered if this book would help. I was humbled and delighted to learn how Joe’s powerfully simple instructions made me a more effective speaker. This book is invaluable to both the person with a fear of speaking and the accomplished speaker. You will not be disappointed, may be humbled, and will find your public speaking so much more improved.”

Steve Hayes, Attorney and Social Advocate

“This book was an outstanding read and great source to be able to give more effective and better prepare oneself to be a better public speaker. The chapters were easy to read and understand, and followed an easy flow pattern. I routinely speak on radio/television and at civic events and this book gave me added in-depth ways to better communicate with my audience. This book is perfect for corporate America, small business owners and anyone who just wants to be a better communicator. I was able to incorporate the various checklists and tips into my public speaking repertoire; it became especially useful when I had to give remarks at my retirement from the U.S. Marines. I would recommend this book to anyone who wants to be a better and more accomplished public speaker. Buy this book!”

John Ubaldi, 30 yr Marine Vet, Owner UbaldiReports.com

“Joe is a natural and engaging presenter and educator who believes that all of us can fulfill their potentials.  I thoroughly enjoy working with and learning from him. His excitement about speaking is truly infectious. He is reliable, creative and easy to work with. His coaching strategies and techniques are cutting-edge and create fantastic results.  I look forward to our weekly meetings and am constantly surprised by the new heights I have achieved in my own speaking abilities in very short order.  Joe is truly awe-inspiring.”

JORYN JENKINS, Collaborative Divorce Attorney, Speaker, Author, CEO, Open Palm Law

“From the knee-knocking, boot-shaking beginner to the seasoned pro, there’s something to be learned by everyone. For me, No Fear Speaking captured some of the little things that mostly go unnoticed to less seasoned speakers and brought to light a couple of areas to focus on the next time I go ‘live’ speaking, coaching, or training. I appreciated the insights and the additional perspective that I gained by seeing into Yazbeck’s methods and thinking processes as a real pro with hundreds of speeches under his belt. Most people get the ‘big things’; Yazbeck captures the all-important ‘little things.’ He hasn’t just put together a book to read, he’s built a manual to be studied and practiced for life.”

Russ Laggan, Speaker, Trainer, Coach; CEO, Laggan Inc.

“No Fear Speaking brought my public speaking skills to a new level. Before reading this book I had done plenty of presentations and considered myself a good speaker; however, Mr. Yazbeck’s book taught me new skills that have honed my presentation abilities. I am now more confident than ever with my public speaking skills. By the time you read the first third of the book, your ability to speak in front of an audience will have dramatically improved. This book is a must for people at all levels of public speaking skill.”

Ken Lark, Attorney

“I liked the simplicity and the common sense approach to effective public speaking in this book. It provided valuable tips that I tried with recent groups that gave me an advantage in gaining the messages acceptance. IT HELPED MY SALES!”

Frank Suarez, Owner Natural Health Facilities, Author, The Power of Metabolism

“Joe Yazbeck is clearly a master of his craft. If you want to make a big impact in your market, speaking is where it happens. The simple and powerful presentation of this material is what you get in Joe’s book. He gets to the heart of the matter without all the fluff. No Fear Speaking is a must-read book.”

Sean I. Mitchell, Author, Speaker, Media Consultant

“How do you move people to action with your words? If you are in the business of selling anything, be it a product, a service, or an idea, you need to learn how to connect with and inspire your audience. Joe Yazbeck’s amazing book will teach you, step by step, how to do it. From storytelling to audience involvement to speaking from your authentic self, Yazbeck reveals the essential ingredients that go into a successful presentation. Every person who needs to move a group or a prospective client into action needs to read this book now!”

Dan Sherman, Author, Maximum Success with LinkedIn

“Joe has created an exceptional guide with practical exercises that will enable you to begin immediately becoming a comfortable public speaker. This book addresses the key barrier to speaking in front of a group…emotion. While others discuss the mechanics of delivering a speech, Joe talks about the feeling of giving a speech…and the joy of doing so successfully. I will refer to this book prior to each of my speaking engagements to ensure I have all my bases covered!”

Russ Barnes, USAF Colonel Ret., Senior Executive Toastmasters International

“In just my first 3 coaching sessions on Joe’s program, I went from shaking when introducing myself to a large group to commanding an audience of executives. The skills I have gained form the exercises I received gave me the confidence to unleash and become the expert that I really am.”

MELINDA MONTGOMERY, Identity & Access Management Program Director, Price Waterhouse Cooper

Freya Robbins, Owner,
Zollinger Mediation Services
Freya Robbins, Owner, Zollinger Mediation Services
Todd Unbehagen, owner of Unbehagen Advisors
Todd Unbehagen, owner of Unbehagen Advisors
Greg Gutkowski, professional digital marketing expert and author
Greg Gutkowski, professional digital marketing expert and author
Mike Marget, owner of
4L Law Cloud Services
Mike Marget, owner of 4L Law Cloud Services

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